Help Me Locate This Talented Man!

Hello friends,

This is an embodiment of talent in its rarest form. This right here has evoked conversation even outside the Nigerian shores. This generator that runs on water made in Nigeria, invented by an Anambrarian would go far. The dream is about to become a reality.

The thing is – An American who saw this clip was really impressed by the distinctive smartness and talent of the inventor, and has asked me to help locate this bountifully talented young man and connect them both. There could be better ways to harness this talent and get it even on a better path. I’ve began the search already.

I’m requesting please, that anyone who knows any information or ways that I can get to this man should kindly write me here or via inbox. It’s very important and who knows, it may be his time to shine.

Join me in the search to locate him. Feel free to tag, mention and even share. Maybe, if it goes viral, someone who knows him or knows someone that knows him can reach me and make the connection. We may be on the path to his answered prayers.

Any useful information would be appreciated.

Tobenna Obiano.